Ben Flournoy

There is a sophistication and worldliness about seventeen year old Ben Flournoy that goes far beyond his years. Raised on a mix of radio Pop and Blues. Flournoy first picked up the guitar at age ten after watching Back to the Future. Struck by the fervor of Marty McFly’s Johnny B. Goode, he begged his parents to get him his very own guitar. That guitar suddenly appeared, and the Northeast Florida native taught himself to play-by ear, a remarkable feat for his age. His heroes are Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer, Elvis, Albert and B.B. King, and Jimi Hendrix. Ben was determined to follow in their musical footsteps.
Ben has focused on becoming an aspiring Singer-Songwriter-Guitar Hero who continues to take on the world. His music resonates with his age group, while being totally understood by the masses.  “My goal was to borrow everything I loved from these players and create Ben, the guitarist”. I wanted to hear myself on the radio and know that it was me.”       
His songwriting and the intensity of his playing are creating excitement in Northern Florida, Georgia, and Alabama as this mysterious wunderkind, (Ben has been home-schooled since 7th grade) began playing festivals in 2022. Blues on the Reid Festival, Tallahassee Beer Society , Quincy Blues Festival, Florida Scallop Music & Arts Festival, Bainbridge Jazz & Blues Festival, Tallahassee Winter Festival, 52nd Kolomoki Festival all followed in quick succession as Ben worked his magic on thousands of new fans at his shows to listen to his heartfelt originals and his blistering guitar licks. The approach is “old school”, creating an unlikely audience of starry-eyed women (of all ages), guitar followers and new music lovers – as his online fan base continues to grow. 
Ben’s songs of young heartbreak, isolation and seeking his place in life have a candor that make them as relatable as they are beautiful. He hopes his music will make the world better for his generation, and the generations to come.
Management: Bobby Messano
[email protected]  
Booking:Terry Flournoy